We do contractor marketing,simple.

At Treehouse Marketing, we help contractors grow their business by leveraging the Internet in their favor. Since 2005, we've helped clients all over North America build and optimize their websites to generate leads and become even more successful.

What we do at the Treehouse
  • Web Design & Development

    Web Design & Web Development

    Our web production team of developers and designers ensures that your website is not only responsive and mobile friendly, but also sleek in design and matches your contractor company's brand.

    • Includes extensive user testing and conversion optimization
    • Routine maintenance of site design and content
    • Specialty edits and design work
    • API integration for existing client platforms
    • DDoS protection and SSL certificate via Cloudflare
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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Contractor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing the content and structure of a web page to improve its ranking in search engines for contractor companies. Our SEO specialists work closely with an assigned set of sites to foster an intimate understanding of each contractor company's needs to achieve optimal performance.

    • Track site rankings and identify opportunities to improve lead generation for contractors
    • Optimize website architecture, meta information, and content specifically for contractors
    • Work to stay ahead of the latest trends and Google's best practices
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  • PPC/Paid Search Management

    PPC/Paid Search Management

    Search Engine Marketing for Contractors (SEM), also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, is the practice of bidding on relevant keywords that drive qualified traffic to your website. Our PPC specialists work closely with an assigned set of contractor specific sites to drive immediate and consistent traffic to maximize awareness, engagement and increase leads for our contractor clients.

    • Review keyword performance and optimize bids accordingly
    • Research new keyword opportunities based on Google keyword planner data
    • Review ad performance and replace low performing ads with new ad copy
    • Analyze site conversion rate to send paid search traffic to highest converting web pages
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  • Local SEO

    Local SEO

    Our in-house team will keep your site rank high on Google with local SEO.

    • Outreach to websites to get listed/added
    • Follow up to ensure we have been added correctly to sites
    • Manage and optimize local listings
    • Citation audit and cleanup to ensure correct, consistent, and up-to-date business information on sites with the biggest impact (Google, BBB, Yelp, Bing, etc.)
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  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Our dedicated content team will provide unique copy for service and local pages that not only accurately portray your contractor company's services, but abide by best SEO practices to assist in ranking.

    • Improve page quality for conversion and rankings
    • Create custom pages for new services or products
    • Create unique city pages targeting the top cities and counties in your service area
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  • Live Lead Processing

    Live Lead Processing

    The lead processing team at the Treehouse reviews every web lead form and recorded phone call captured by our unique tracking numbers by hand to ensure that you only get billed for leads that we helped generate for you.

    • Listen, review and audit all leads
    • Process all lead review submissions
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  • Account Management

    Account Management

    Our account management team works directly with our contractor clients to understand their unique business goals and identify areas of opportunity for growth.

    • Work one-on-one with your company to leverage our platform and tools to your utmost benefit
    • Liaise with the internal teams mentioned above to express your company's needs and to ensure they align with your overall growth goals
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  • Digital Advertising

    Digital Advertising

    Digital advertising helps broadcast your brand across hundreds of streaming networks, social media channels, connected TV platforms, and more. Our digital marketing experts design and place your ads, providing maximum exposure in a way that is effective, measurable, and cost-efficient.

    • We design all creative assets and social media ads
    • BrandBlaster is fully managed by our team of social, display, and digital advertising experts
    • Our experts provide monthly performance reports broken out by each platform
    • We provide free consultations, discuss your goals, and develop custom-tailored proposals
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  • Learn more about our software development services Software Development

    Software Development

    Our in-house Software Development team works diligently with all Treehouse teams to better build client website features and functionality. Our keen code-writers are most known for the upkeep of our Business Center widgets that help contractors create unique site content.

    • Write code for customer websites & all in-house mobile apps
    • Improve site functionality
    • Create unique site features for customers
    • Track & analyze site performance features
    • Monitor website security & safety with backup systems
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