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We'll engineer a fast and reliable site that uniquely reflects your home improvement business, strategically attracts customers, and generates leads!

What is Web Design & Development?

Our responsive, mobile-friendly sites are carefully curated to drive traffic at a higher rate than average, reflect your company brand, and convert leads. With extensive user testing, conversion optimization, routine maintenance, and other efforts, we can create a site that is fast, effective, engaging, and profitable.

Our web developers and designers keep your site in tip-top shape with:

  • User testing & site optimization
  • Routine site design & content maintenance
  • Specialty edits & other design work
  • API integration for existing client platforms
  • DDoS protection and SSL certificate via Cloudflare

Why does the site design matter?

Anyone can create a website, but website design for contractors is our specialty. It takes an expert to build one that is responsive, fast, and efficient. Our team understands that testing, application, and adaptation allows us to develop sites that truly thrive.

Here are some factors we consider when designing your site:

  • Site speed: As customers lose interest in waiting for your website to load, you lose business. By minifying code, prioritizing content, reducing files, and applying other methods, we create sites that load at the speed of light. Our team has even lowered mobile site load times to less than 1 second - that is 93% faster than average!
  • Watch to learn more about the importance of website speeds, and see what Treehouse Marketing is doing to ensure the best site speeds are rendered on the hundreds of contractor websites that we manage.

  • User testing & site optimization: User testing helps our web designers and developers understand how visitors interact with your website. Once we know what customers want, we can design a site that provides the best user experience and more leads. We use six types of user testing on our sites, including A/B testing and focus groups.
  • Check out this episode of "After Hours" from the Treehouse Internet Group, where we talk about user testing, specifically A/B testing and Focus Groups, and how this helps improve conversion rates on our websites.

  • Site maintenance: Nothing stands still in the digital age - which is why our web developers and designers are always working on new ways to improve your site. Whether they are overhauling the homepage, speeding up site load times, or creating unique content, your site will grow with your business.
  • Specialty edits & design: While we are online marketing experts, we are also natural-born creatives. We design eye-catching sites that tell your story in a way that is both engaging and unique. Plus, we are always creating and implementing new and exciting features!
  • Server Infrastructure Protection: There are a number of issues that can impact your website, from constant and overwhelming traffic, to a hacker compromising your website and data. That is why The Treehouse has developed a number of protections to strengthen the server infrastructure of your website. We are continuously growing and scaling our infrastructure to support our home improvement clients and ensure that websites run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Check out this video to see how the Treehouse goes to great lengths to protect our server infrastructure and how this benefits all our home improvement clients and the sites that we host for them.

While other companies say they're experts at creating optimized, engaging, and effective websites, we mean it. Our dynamic websites were designed for contractors by contractors - so our team knows exactly what it takes to create a site tailored to your home improvement company's brand and audience.

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