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Our in-house team of experts create unique, customized website features that help sites perform and function at their very best.

What is Contractor Software Development?

Contractor software, software development for home improvement contractors, can simply be defined as the art of writing code. However, Contractor Software is much more than that. It includes the ever-improving nature of website functionality, features, and security based on current trends in Contractor Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our Contractor Software team works closely with all Treehouse specialists to:

  • Write code for websites & all in-house mobile apps
  • Improve site functionality
  • Create unique site features
  • Track & analyze site performance features
  • Monitor website security & safety with backup systems

Why does Contractor Software development matter?

In today's digitally-driven world, it's more important than ever to have a website that functions well, loads fast, is physically appealing, and is secure.

  • Functionality: A contractor website must function at its best whether you're using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Site readability, navigation, and images must be easy to digest and view on all three types of devices. If the website's functions don't work right or are hard for the user to navigate, it can negatively affect your site's ranking and conversion rates.
  • Speed: The speed at which a web page loads can greatly impact a site's conversion rates. When a person is able to jump from page to page quickly, they are more inclined to stay on the site and ultimately convert to a customer. When a page loads at a slower pace or doesn't load at all, the user will most likely leave the site and look for something better.
  • Appearance: First impressions go a long way. If your site isn't up to date with today's design techniques and styles, users may feel uneasy about hiring you for the job.
  • Security: Site security can make or break a person's trust for you and your business. It's highly important to have a website that doesn't crash, is free of viruses, and has a backup system in case of emergency.

Business Center & Widgets

What makes our Contractor Software Development team different from any other team is that we've created our very own easy way to upload site content. Our interactive Business Center is where all your site's magic happens. In the Business Center, you can edit site pages, track conversion rates, and upload your own unique content using what we call Widgets.

Widgets are content management and online marketing tools that strengthen your website with rich and unique local content. Our widgets allow our contractors to upload and edit their own content in an easy-to-use way. Content such as before & after job photos, testimonials, press releases, awards, and more can all be found in the Business Center.

Software Development & Contractors

Our Contractor Software Development team is truly like no other. As a team for contractors, by contractors since 2005, our experts understand what makes a successful, eye-catching website for our clients. We are also a team that is constantly innovating, which is why we've created mobile apps for our Contractor Nation family and are exploring VR technology.

We understand the importance of fast-acting changes and results which is why we created an in-house Software Development team that can give contractors what they need, fast.

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