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What is Account Management?

Between dealing with your internal marketing team and communicating with outside advertising sources, The Treehouse understands how overwhelming marketing can be. That's why we have a team of dedicated Account Managers. They are not only a hub of information for you, but they are also the liaison between your company and our team of experts at Treehouse Marketing.

Your account manager is your guide to your website, marketing, and ultimately your growth within your company. Your account manager gets to know you, your business, your brand, and more. You can think of them as your go-to with all things digital marketing and more.

Every company within our network gets its very own account manager (AM). This AM is there to build a relationship with you, act as your main point of contact for all of our internal teams, and help you grow your business with their digital marketing expertise.

Why is an account manager important?

The marketing industry is continuously changing, and this includes Google trends, paid search best practices, Google analytics data, and more. Your account manager's job is to stay up to date on all changes and training. They are ready to help with any questions or concerns that arise.

Our account management team always has your company's best interests at heart. They are your resource for all of this information and more. Search engine optimization to paid search to digital branding and more, we have many teams within The Treehouse that specialize in different marketing wheel aspects. Having a single point of contact is beneficial because it limits the marketer or business owner from having to talk to multiple different people, about the same issue they may be facing. Your account manager gets to know you personally and can spread information across multiple platforms for you, so you get quick, efficient answers, especially during stressful times.

Our Account Management Team are the experts you need by your side.

Not only does our account management team keep you in the loop with all updated marketing strategies, but they keep themselves up to date on your business specifics. They become your true partner and understand everything about running a business.  Our team is all well-versed in both offline and digital marketing strategies. Whenever you have ideas for brand updates, direct mail campaigns, and more, your account manager is there to ensure that your company's message is consistent, both online and offline. The Treehouse makes it easy to share ideas, especially with an account manager dedicated to your company's success!

Treehouse Account Managers are here for you!

The Account managers here at Treehouse Marketing keep themselves up to date on the latest trends, training, and are always going above and beyond to up their game and their knowledge of the contracting world, Whether that's doing online training for google analytics or attending training for multiple different facets of the contracting business, including waterproofing, roofing, Dr. Energy Saver, etc. Being apart of Contractor Nation gives our team an advantage and a vast pool of resources for the team to keep their skills sharp, including our very own CN, Live! CN Live is an annual convention that Contractor Nation hosts, which contractors from all over North America attend to learn from the best in sales training, production, marketing, branding, and more! In addition to CN Live, our team works within our own company to cross-train. We are always looking for opportunities to equip our clients for even greater success!

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