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We get your brand out and in front of homeowners. Ranging from Linear TV, Static Billboards, AM/FM Radio and even across all things digital through our BrandBlaster program.

Need to get the word out? Our Media Buying might be the Answer!

We have been buying media for home services companies for many years. We understand how valuable every marketing dollar is and we have the proven strategies to know where to place your ads and how.

Media Buying Ecosystem

Buying media has dramatically changed over the last 10 years. Streaming TV services, streaming radio services and digital billboards have created a more complicated landscape for all of us to navigate. Let's take a look at TV as an example. Before it was simple, "You want to be on TV". You'd call the local broadcast news station or the local cable provider (this would depend on the size of your service area). You'd pick a strategy and let's go. In that model how would you know it's working?? Your neighbor might tell you they saw your ad, or a family member and we'd think it must be working, right? Obviously, that's not a real metric of success but sadly without guidance and help sometimes it's was all you probably had to go on. What about now, it's even worse. If you run your add on Linear / Traditional TV how many people are you missing that have already cut the cord? What about all the cord cutters that never have had Linear TV? You could be missing 50% of your current target market or more.

While this complexity is indeed hard to navigate alone, together it's much easier. We have access to metrics that can help you understand your TV buy's overall impact on your brand. In addition, we know not only what media strategy works for home services companies, we also know which ancillary services compliment the initial spend as your budget grows. There's a recipe and luckily for you we have it. This scenario is true for all the different types of media we buy.

The Treehouse Media Buying Strategy

While we can't necessarily just spell out our strategy on a webpage for all of our competitors to take we can share some thoughts with you. For most of our clients media buying is not the first thing we do, often it's towards the end. As a home service company you need to be disciplined with your media buying / marketing strategy if you want the maximum number of leads from your market at or below a cost that makes sense based on the conversion metrics of your business. If your business can afford any lead under $X dollars and still achieve your target profit margin you'd want them all right?? Of course, you would. We help our clients go after the lowest cost, highest converting leads first and build up in risk and cost from there.

What Types of Media Can we Buy?

Everything isn't a great answer but pretty much everything. To get specific: Linear TV, OTT, Programatic TV, Programatic Video, Streaming Radio, Traditional Radio, Static Billboards, Digital Billboards, Direct Mail, Social Media, Display Ads, Discovery Ads... the list goes on. If it's out there, we're either buying it or working on it. We're talking here about media buying but we also buy lots of paid search advertising as well if that's something you'd like to learn more about.

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