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Our process is comprehensive and methodical, ensuring that our clients are delivered all the great, quality leads we have been known to generate since 2005.

You Deserve Only the Best Quality Leads

At Treehouse Marketing, we put extra care into processing all the leads we generate for our home improvement clients. From initial screenings to separating out customer inquiries, to the attentive listening of every call which allows the team to allocate the leads accurately. Our very own call center at the Treehouse has been known to listen to nearly half a million leads in one year, which is not something many other digital marketing agencies can say.

What is Live Lead processing?

Live lead processing is the course of action we take in the Treehouse Call Center to manage the leads each of our home improvement clients receive.

Check out this video to get an inside look into how the call center at Treehouse Marketing goes about processing live leads for all our home improvement clients. Enjoy!

We conduct a few steps to ensure that we are accurately reviewing all the leads that we bill our clients. Before our team even begins to review calls, these calls are run through software that filters out any robocalls or bad data and then sorts these calls into different categories. This software is developed and managed by our own inhouse software development team. The technology allows us to streamline our lead processing with exceeding accuracy. After this is complete, then we begin to listen to these calls and determine which ones are truly leads.

These call recordings get sorted into three different categories:

Not a lead
These are not charged for. Any helpful information is taken from it and shared with you.
Service call
Service calls are immediately sent at no charge to the dealer, and they are typically homeowners looking for maintenance on work our home improvement clients have already completed.
Maybe a lead
This is the final step. We review this bucket and make sure that the leads are approved. We bill based off what the customer says during the call.

Why is Live Leads processing important?

Not all calls are going to be leads. We only bill our clients when the work that we do generates a new customer. We only bill you for new customers that found you through the website that we built, host, and manage on your behalf. Our specialist digital teams work tirelessly to get these websites to rank in their local markets on Google, and to convert.

Fun fact, conversion is simply those customers who land on a website, that act by either clicking to call or completing the web form.

We only charge for new customer leads. This is what makes us unique at the Treehouse.

Additionally, reviewing customer calls allows our team to help yours in terms of customer satisfaction. We do this by providing helpful feedback directly from homeowners. This has pointed out opportunities and challenges to our home improvement clients time and time again. The information is then used to change or improve the business process, making sure that the homeowner customer experience is improved, and ultimately, that more leads are turned into appointments.

This is just another benefit of working with the Treehouse: we are there to help serve you, and your customers, at every given opportunity.

At the Treehouse Call Center, the work never stops

Our leads processing team in the call center is constantly looking to grow. They hold monthly meetings to hone their skills. During these meetings, they also review already processed leads to ensure accuracy, and to share ongoing learnings.

They also have several other responsibilities. This great team works tirelessly to keep all the websites up to date. Specifically, if you had to change which service you offered, or the area that you offer it in, this team would be of the first to identify this and would immediately notify your account manager of any changes that has arisen.

Live lead processing for contractors is a game changer. This allows you to focus on homeowners that are serious about making use of your services, with a greater chance to set to appointment.

And, to ultimately grow your contractor business.

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