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The Treehouse Internet Group Continues to

Boomtown unveiling



“Boomtown,” the newest and most unique office space was unveiled last week. The office space features a gem mine passageway, a raised skylight, and buildings designed to resemble an 1880s booming mine town.  The focal point of the space is a 15-foot-high water tower proclaiming “Boomtown” across its wooden panels. It’s apparent that this internet marketing agency’s newest workspace is anything but ordinary.

Desks are housed in miniature buildings complete with salvaged- and stained-glass windows trimmed with flower boxes. More than half of the materials used to construct the space were salvaged from antique structures. One house includes the siding from a 200-year-old barn. Many of the wooden beams supporting the houses were harvested from local cedar trees. The roof of another building was constructed with sheet metal from an old horse shed.  And the innovation doesn’t stop there; the walls of the mine passageway contain real gemstones.

The area was built to serve as office space for new employees as the web team continues to grow. And grow we will! In 2013 alone, 12 people joined the Treehouse Internet Group. With such trailblazing and innovation, it’s no wonder that we are consistently voted one of the best places to work in Connecticut! Starting to feel a little bit jealous?

Does your cubicle appear more like a prison than a creative playground? Well, it just so happens that we are hiring. If you think you’ve got the skills to work for one of the most distinctive and accomplished internet marketing companies on the East Coast, visit our careers page to view current openings and apply!



President Of Basement Systems, Inc., Larry Janesky, introducing Boomtown.



Treehousers Marianne Koiva, Rick Cleri, Katherine Gulick, Karen Garrett, Samantha Grey and Brittany Keith pose for a photo at the unveiling of Boomtown.

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