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The Google Business Profile Reinstatement Process

Google Business Profile Reinstatement Process Graphic

The most common place to be found online is in Google Search results, and the most common way to let prospects know you exist and can help them is by having a verified Google Business Profile (GBP)—an organic business listing that shows in Google’s local search results.

A huge benefit of hosting your Supercharged website with Treehouse is that our team works tirelessly to ensure that homeowners in your area can find your company whenever (and wherever) they search for the services you offer. One major component is managing and optimizing your GBP to include critical business information such as your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). Ironically, the most common way a GBP ends up unverified or gets suspended is when changes are made to the NAP.

If that happens–if your verified Google Business Profile is suddenly suspended–then your listing no longer shows in local search results, and it’s like you don’t even exist!

Google may require re-verification or suspend GBPs indefinitely for any number of reasons, but they don’t always tell us exactly why. And lately, Google has been making it more and more difficult to get suspended listings reinstated.

Documents Required by Google to Appeal GBP Suspensions

  • Official Business Registration
  • Business License
  • W-9
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Utility Bill (must display the same business name and address as your registration/license or tax certificate, can include any of the following: electricity, phone, gas, water, sewer, trash, recycling, TV or Internet)
  • External Photos of office location with visible address and signage posted
  • Photos of individual tools used to perform work taken alongside business cards in-frame, and a description of each tool and its use

In the past, when Google would suspend a GBP, Treehouse could simply open a ticket with Google Support and provide a copy of a company’s W-9, utility bill, and some photos of the office to prove a company was legitimate and not violating Google’s guidelines. Google would then either accept the proof and reinstate the profile, or reject it and request more information via email. Our team would then have the opportunity to provide more documentation until Google’s requirements were met and the profile was ultimately reinstated.

Today, the process is much more difficult and time-sensitive. When appealing a GBP suspension, Google now gives us a 1-hour window from the time we initiate an appeal to submit all relevant documentation. We get one shot to state our case, and then Google can take several days (or even longer) to process the information manually before they let us know the status via email. If accepted, great–we’re back online!. If rejected, there may be another opportunity to appeal…or there may not be—that remains unclear from Google at this time.

Remember, the quickest route to accidentally suspending your Google Business Profile is making changes to vital business information (name, address, phone number, website URL, business category, etc.). So, be sure to check out the Treehouse resources on FileHive that outline ways to enhance your GBP and the 5 Things You Should Never Touch.

It’s always a good idea to consult your Treehouse Account Manager before making changes. We’re always happy to help you get better results while avoiding costly mistakes. We’re here to ensure your audiences know you exist and are available to help them!

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