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What is BrandBlaster?

 BrandBlaster: The Best for Brand Awareness - Image 1 

Launched in 2018, BrandBlaster is a pillar of the Treehouse Marketing ecosystem, providing both online and offline brand awareness tactics designed to bridge the gap between several marketing strategies. From Social Media Advertising to Billboards and everything in-between, this program utilizes the tools and technologies necessary to adapt to the ever-evolving marketing landscape, both digital and traditional. 

The increase of connected devices only opens more doors for marketing opportunities. At the same time, this means it’s more crucial than ever for any one brand to take advantage of their options, as the competition grows stronger with every new advancement. It’s easy to consider one singular brand a drop in the bucket, but all it means is: they need to create the biggest ripple effect they can. BrandBlaster can help increase visibility, getting businesses onto more screens, into more mailboxes, and ultimately, in front of more eyes

With the team’s expertise & resources, BrandBlaster can make sure a business is not only in front of more eyes, but also in front of the right eyes. Marketing to the correct target audience is vital to an effective strategy. The team at BrandBlaster has found that choosing a tactic is one thing, but ensuring they are marketing to the proper audiences is another thing altogether, and more important overall. 

Some of the BrandBlaster program includes:

  • Programmatic Display & Online Video: Real-time automatic bidding on display advertising inventory for the opportunity to show an ad to the individual most likely to take action. These ads can appear across millions of websites and apps, based on a variety of factors.
  • Television Advertising: Airing commercials across all facets from Linear (Traditional) to Connected Television (Accessed via Internet), strengthening a brand or service to individuals within that market. Connected Television has the ability to uniquely target specific audiences.
  • Out-of-Home Advertising: Also known as outdoor media, Out-of-Home advertising includes static or digital billboards within a certain market. Both tactics afford the ability to pinpoint viewers within a billboard’s range via their personal devices. This allows the individual to be targeted over a period of time. 

There are a lot of moving parts within the grand scheme of what BrandBlaster does. It can be hard to wrap one’s head around, especially viewing it from a brand awareness standpoint. But BrandBlaster covers so much ground using various resources & techniques. Think of it as the lights on an airport runway: BrandBlaster is guiding potential customers to the preferred destination – you, and not those other guys!

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