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BrandBlaster & the Art of Making an Impression

 BrandBlaster & the Art of Making an Impression - Image 1 

It’s that good friend of yours who you weren’t entirely on-board with, at first. It’s that food you thought was gross as a kid but can’t go without now. It’s Emma Stone hearing the Natasha Bedingfield classic “Pocketful of Sunshine” in Easy A, and saying “Ugh, I hate this song,” followed by a montage of her singing and dancing to it for days on end. These are all examples of someone or something having made an impression on a person. 

Parallel time! You are scrolling through your Facebook feed at work while your coffee brews, and you come across an ad for a basement waterproofing service. “Not me,” you think. “My basement is just fine.” But on your way home, you see another ad for the same service on a billboard by the highway. You find it interesting, maybe strange, that you saw it again that same day. But you don’t think much of it. The next week, you get a Clipper ad package in the mail, and, lo and behold, you see it again: Wet Basement? You start thinking about it more. You have been noticing a weird musty smell when you go downstairs to do laundry. There is a bit of a draft coming up the stairs. Could there be a leak? Should you be looking more into basement waterproofing?

 BrandBlaster & the Art of Making an Impression - Image 2 

Timeline aside, a recurring presence will make you think differently about something that might have made you have a passive, or even negative first reaction. That’s how our BrandBlaster product works: making brands appear in front of the right people, at the right times, as often (strategically) as possible, and in competition with other brands trying to do the same thing. Advertising at different angles will make people think differently about a product or service, but ultimately, all of these paths will lead to the same destination of brand recognition. 

While we’re not talking about making a bad impression here, it has been theorized by a Harvard study that “it typically takes eight subsequent positive encounters to change another person’s negative opinion of you.” Persistence and positivity are key players. BrandBlaster works tirelessly to ensure a brand appears in as many places as possible, even knowing a potential customer might not necessarily contact that brand via one of those encounters. But they’re planting the seed so this person, upon deciding they need a service done in their home, picks up the phone and calls the first company that comes to mind: the one that’s been in the back of their mind since they first saw that Facebook ad. 

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