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BrandBlaster: The Best for Brand Awareness

 BrandBlaster: The Best for Brand Awareness - Image 1 

There’s no doubt that the biggest questions regarding marketing in any form are: What is my ROI? What am I getting out of what I’m spending? Are my efforts paying off? These are valid questions, they should be in the back of any business’s mind. Questions like these should, however, be aimed differently depending on the type of marketing. In this case, we’re talking about the arguably infamous Brand Awareness. 

Far from straightforward, brand awareness tactics tend to make many businesses scratch their heads.  But in short: it’s about familiarity. Building trust in a brand has to do with seeing it often, in the right places, at the right times. Associating a product or service with an essential need. In many cases, consistency & continuity are key; maintaining visibility to the appropriate audiences & markets against the odds and in competition with others in the industry is easier said than done, but vital all the same. 

 BrandBlaster: The Best for Brand Awareness - Image 2 

That’s where BrandBlaster comes in! Consider BrandBlaster a force to be reckoned with in terms of strategy, resources, and often, firing on all cylinders. In its true form, BrandBlaster is not a cut-and-dry Lead Generation service. This team, while working to promote a brand, also aids in stimulated web traffic and familiarity of said brand within a market, ultimately driving down the cost per lead or acquisition. Needless to say, this takes time.

Since 2019, BrandBlaster has tested the theory that utilizing multiple marketing tactics for one campaign is stronger than budgeting all of a businesses brand’s eggs for one basket. The team has concluded that a multiple-tactic approach results in a more positive overall user experience, as well as increased brand familiarity. According to Hubspot, “Once a consumer is aware of a brand, they start to recognize it without assistance, seek it out to make a purchase, begin to prefer it over other similar brands, and establish a loyalty that not only spurs on other purchases but also inspires recommendations to family and friends.” 

In the world of home improvement, purchases, obviously, are given significantly more thought than products such as Kleenex, or Jell-O, or Band-Aid, and that is understandable. But make note that we name-dropped the brands here, not the types of products themselves. That’s because these are just some of the brands that are household names, often referred to when the customers aren’t necessarily purchasing from those companies. They didn’t rely solely on television ads, and they didn’t put all their marketing budget into direct mail. Instead, they invested in both, and more

That is what BrandBlaster is all about: helping brands to be relentless, recurring, and resistant to the throes of such involved marketing technologies. Becoming recognizable in widely saturated industries is no easy task, but it’s one that BrandBlaster will go to bat for, helping many businesses achieve even greater success (in the long run!). 

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