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Avoiding AI-Generated Content

AI-Generated Content

Avoid AI for Widget Content AI written content is a siren luring local businesses to choppy waters. The scenario sounds idyllic; the Treehouse formula to get your local website ranking requires constant widget content to be uploaded to your site.  As with anything constant, this task is time-consuming, so an AI generating t platform like ChatGPT, can now write our content for us


Unfortunately, there is a glaring flaw in this plan. Google has consistently stated for years that using automation, including AI, to create content with the primary purpose of manipulating ranking in search results is a violation of Google’s spam policies. 


Therefore, ChatGPT should not be utilized to pump out SEO-optimized junk, especially to fulfill your widgets. Google will still consider it spammy, weak content, for which your website will not be rewarded and could absolutely be punished. 


You Can’t Trick the Google Gods There is not a feasible scenario where you trick Google into thinking any AI-generated content was written by a person. The technology to scan and detect AI-generated content exists, so we believe Google will utilize this technology to quickly decipher between what is human-written vs computer-generated.


Google’s main goal is always to provide users with the most relevant content to their search query. Simply put, Google wants to ensure the people who search for questions on their platform are given relevant answers. That is why their search engine went from solely focusing on content optimization (think original SEO tactics like keywords, backlinks, internal links, etc.) to widening its priorities to include how well your content is optimized for search intent

Point Blank Humans are still the end user of search engines, which means the search intent is still human-led. The way we speak, think, or write content will continue to resonate with people in a way that AI-generated content can’t. So, no matter how enticing, avoid the temptation to use ChatGPT when directly uploading to your site, or else what you think is helping your website could sink it instead.

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