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Proactive Resources to Start Your New Year Off Right

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The beginning of the year always sets off a flurry of excitement (and sometimes mild panic) when looking down the barrel for the next 12 months. With new goals comes new budgets, and even the most veteran marketer can become overwhelmed by juggling all of these moving pieces.

That’s why we’ve outlined specific Treehouse resources, already at your fingertips, to help support your goals & make the first few months of the year less overwhelming:


      CN Widget Pro App

      Promocents Coupons Widget & Broadcast Widget

      Credibility Badge Showcase Widget


1.  CN Widget Pro App allows your business to operate smoothly by creating a direct line between service-based employees & their marketers. Within the app you can collect & send job site photos, along with customer reviews, and easily manage them in the CN Business Center. Connect Reviews from most third-party sites are united in this platform so you’re able to focus your efforts on enhancing your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Pro Tip: Encourage your customers to include a visual in their review! By having both a text & a visual you create digital credibility around the great work you’re already doing! It can be as simple as the language you use when asking the homeowner, “If you’d like to leave us a review or share photos of our work, we would greatly appreciate it”


2.  Promocents + Broadcast Widget utilizing both of these widgets' key features allows you to feature an incentive directly on your website! Create the coupon of your choice, promoting a seasonal service perhaps, and highlight it via the Broadcast widget.  Unifying both the Promocents Coupon widget & the Broadcast widget allows you to blast your promotional message directly on your home page to entice any potential customer visiting your website. This combination of a call-to-action message and strategic placement creates more opportunities to generate leads. 

Pro Tip:  Once you update the website, now you can add an offer to your Google Business profile, or GBP! An offer is a promotion that your company chooses to highlight to incentivize potential and existing customers. By incorporating an offer on your GBP, your company will gain a competitive edge against companies, build promotional awareness, and strengthen your direct profile to Google. In your offer, you can include an emoji, an image, and a link. Why not stand out? When you feature an offer in your GBP, it will show up in the map pack

Proactive blog cover for Treehouse Marketing resources


3.  Credibility Badge Showcase widget displays a variety of business relationships that your company has built over time. This can include a chamber of commerce, an industry association, or a local affiliate. Partnering with chambers is a crucial part of SEO to not only boost your website’s power with healthy external links, but the connection also creates an important networking component in your local community. Highlighting these professional relationships allows you to establish a reputation as a trusted expert in your field.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to audit your credibility badge! This will allow you to ensure everything is correct and nothing is missing. Have you earned any recent awards that haven't been added yet? Did any of your connections update their “badges”? You could also take it one step further and ask your trusted local partners to list YOU on their sites. 

Each business will have its own unique approaches to the new year's goals, but by utilizing the existing resources at your fingertips you can rest assured that your website is receiving new content, and generating reviews, thus establishing an edge over your competitors and all contributing towards the end goal of higher rankings on Google.


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