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Looking for Hot Local Referrals in Your Area?

Facebook & Nextdoor Referral Group Blog Opportunity


Word of Mouth A traditional type of referral in the home improvement industry is a word-of-mouth referral. You (the business) serviced Person A, and they liked your work enough to recommend you to Person B, who is also in need of your service. As you know, in our line of work earning referrals starts with providing WOW service. When customers feel heard, valued & respected, they are more likely to suggest your business to friends or family. Generating referrals can be lucrative; this type of lead has the highest conversion rate among any other lead type, typically converting on average 90% or higher.


Referrals convert at an incredibly high rate because they are usually harder to generate. Imagine if we told you there are available online platforms that allow you to generate these valuable leads, for FREE?  Well, these days, with the explosion of our internet-driven communities, referrals are generated online just as much, if not more so, than in person. A prime example is the opportunity within neighborhood groups on platforms like Facebook or Nextdoor. These digital communities were created to solve problems through the power of connection. Often group members may post about missing pets, yard sales, community outreach, local events; & lucky for us- local businesses! 

Homeowners look to these groups for legitimate references, feeling a heightened sense of trust in the enclosed community, the same way you feel when receiving a recommendation from a neighbor or trusted friend. The icing on the cake is that we're noticing referrals generated within these groups are of the same quality as a traditional word-of-mouth referral, and should be treated as such.



Looking for Hot Local Referrals in Your Area? - Image 2



Looking for Hot Local Referrals in Your Area? - Image 3



Kick-start Your Success with 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Join as many Groups as possible. Start with the town or city your business is physically located in and spread out from there. If you have a neighborhood of focus or a specific region that has been “hot” for you, connect to those as well!


  1. Beware the Guidelines. Each group, no matter the platform, will have its own guidelines that you must accept before gaining access; such as confirming proximity, language restrictions (no cursing) or solicitation restrictions. Be mindful of each group's guidelines, as going against them could get you removed from the group. 


  1. Check the Feeds Frequently. Now that you’ve been accepted into your groups of choice and are a rule-abiding participant, start checking the feeds daily for opportunities to contribute to the conversation. Make the 10 minutes it will take to review these feeds a new habit. Scroll while you wait for your morning coffee or right after dinner! It is important to not only be familiar with the new feeds but to be an active participant. If you want to check the feeds often, consider downloading the Facebook & Nextdoor apps if you don’t already have them, so you can scroll from anywhere and keep an eye out for opportunities in these communities.


The More the Merrier. Remember, this is not an ad or a response from a company account, you are operating as an individual person within the Nextdoor or Facebook platforms. These online community groups were built with the sole purpose of catering to individuals, so you must participate as an individual. This is an opportunity to encourage others, if not everyone, within your company to get involved. All they would need is an active Facebook/Nextdoor profile, a basic understanding of what services you offer, and the ability to type a full sentence. It can be that easy. Consider taking it one step further and even hosting an internal referral competition for those who participate!

Don’t Wait. Generating referrals within Neighborhood groups on Facebook or Nextdoor is an accessible, lucrative, and did we mention a completely FREE way to obtain more high-converting leads? Homeowners & community members alike already look towards these online groups with a heightened sense of trust. Capitalize on this opportunity and get started right away.

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