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The Importance of Posting Videos on Google Business Profile

treehouse branded graphic blog cover depicting the importance of video posting on google business profiles


The Importance of Video Posts on Google


We should know by now that video content is highly valued across nearly every social media outlet, from Instagram and Facebook to LinkedIn (and don’t get us started with TikTok). Authenticity, accessibility, and frequency are just some of the qualities that social algorithms take into consideration when calculating where, when, and to whom said video content will be distributed. The same goes for Google Business Profiles: there are bonuses and benefits to featuring video in those posts, as opposed to static photos accompanying informational copy. Let’s break down the ins and outs of video content on GBPs: 


Types of Videos

  • Before & After

  • Product Features

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Informational/Educational Content

    • The Science Behind…

    • How ____ Works

    • FAQs / Q&As


Benefits of Video 

Algorithms aside, why worry so much about video versus text or photo posts? There are a few reasons. First, video can be easier to digest – some users might be able to better understand what you’re explaining when it’s visual or auditory. Plus, folks with visual impairments might have a better time with something they can see and/or hear, especially if the text is a struggle for them. Consider everyone!


Next, engaging content goes beyond giving users something they will want to comment on. Engagement also applies to putting faces to the company, and personalize it more. You want to be humanized and show users that you are not only people who care but also the best people to do the job. Establishing trust and being memorable is an important part of the game.


Things to Consider

Google recently announced a “helpful content” strategy, focusing on content that is audience-first, meaning posting just to post, and uploading content that is just meant to feed the SEO machine will be flagged or taken down completely. Google wants you to focus on what your audience is looking for, and can learn from. Are you trustworthy? Are you a thought leader? Are you engaging, personable, and authentic? Make sure your videos are informative; leave your audience having learned something new.


Returning to the ever-changing topic of duplicate content, Google has put its digital foot down and stated that repeat or dupe content is prohibited, and will be considered spam. Keep it fresh and look for new & creative ways to produce content for your profile! Animate your digital assets, create fun graphics, and share fun aspects of your products/services you haven’t yet shown off.


Go beyond the Post tab when it comes to video. The Photo tab also allows video uploads, so keeping that space a blend of content makes room for more ways to showcase your brand, and what you do best.


Finally, be consistent! If you’re not posting very often (not good, if that’s the case), at least post consistently. If multiple times a week is too tough to accomplish, at least twice weekly gives Google the heads-up that you’re up-to-date, and prioritizing being in front of potential customers. Consistency is key when gaining traction in a digital space and posting videos on your Google Business Profile is no exception.


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