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The Angi Umbrella: The Merge of Angie's List and HomeAdvisor

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 by Katherine Gulick

Angi Umbrella Blog Cover


As many of you know, Angie’s List and Home Advisor have officially merged. But what does this unification mean? To help provide clarity on this change, we’ve illustrated an overview below of the status for these two platforms.


The two nationally recognized companies have joined together with a goal to maintain their strong customer loyalty and unity under one brand. Under the parent company of Angi, there are two separate companies that will continue to operate independently for the time being.

 The first company is Angie’s List which is now called “Angi.” Businesses can sign up for a free listing on, but if you’re interested in buying ads, this is done through Angi Ads.


The second company formally known as Home Advisor will now be identified as “Angi Leads.” If you are already a Home Advisor member, you will continue to receive leads from powered by Angi. Be advised that when an Angi Lead email arrives in your inbox, the sender of the email is still “HomeAdvisor Lead.”


The differences between with Angi Ads and Angi Leads include the following: (free listing) 

  Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor) 


 Website still reads: HomeAdvisor powered by Angi

  •  Free listing- can accept customer reviews
  •  Pay per Lead Model
  •  Business will have admin access to edit
  •  Can request refunds on leads
  •  This listing is not shown in search results within
  •  Can pause leads

 Angi Ads (paid advertising to the Business Listing)

  •  Leads are distributed to 4 contacts/ contractors
  •  Annual Agreement
  •  Businesses set up an Exact Match and Market Match budget and receive up to that budget in leads
  •  No Pay per Lead arrangement
  •  Consumer can choose your company specifically 
  •  No lead refund offered
  •  Leads are priced according to lead type and service type
  •  Cannot pause leads
  •  Leads are emailed from HomeAdvisor powered by Angi; the sender of the email is still "HomeAdvisor Lead"
  •  A customer can submit a "Request" for your services
  •  Business Profile is very basic
  •  Consumer can choose your company specifically
  •  Businesses log into
  •  Consumer "Request" is emailed as "Lead" (note: this is different than Angi Leads"


  •  Businesses log into



At this point in time, there have been no changes made as far as to lead fees, membership options, or how they receive and send leads to participating businesses. Since the merge, there have been alleged reports from dealers receiving duplicate leads, so we advise to carefully review your leads.


For any questions or would like more information, please contact your Angi representative or the customer care team. 

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