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How Programmatic Can Help with Hiring

Programmatic advertising for your local contracting business

Stores are opening, masks are no longer required, but we are not quite back to ‘normal’ are we?

As the government continues to support the workforce with stimulus checks, and more businesses transition to remote-only models, many business owners are coming to terms with an unfortunate truth: it is hard to find good help these days!

So, what does this mean for your growing, brick-and-mortar, contracting business? It means when attracting quality hires you need to run quality recruitment campaigns that are intentional and strategic, to find the right people for the job.


Why You Should Not Run Recruitment Campaigns on Facebook

While the BrandBlaster program does support social advertising on Facebook and digital display advertising on platforms, like the Google Display Network, we do not recommend running campaigns for employee recruitment specifically through these channels.


On Facebook, for example, there are special categories for ads. These categories include ‘Housing Opportunity or Related Service’, ‘Credit Opportunity’, ‘Social issues, elections, or Politics’, and ‘Employment Opportunity’. Facebook requires advertisers to be authorized in the country where their ads will run. This process can, and likely will, hurt your separate BrandBlaster campaigns that are already running on Facebook. With the benefit rarely outweighing the risk. 


So how should you let qualified candidates know that you are hiring? Here at the Treehouse, we suggest programmatic ads.


What Are Programmatic Ads?

The Treehouse describes Programmatic Display as, “highly targeted digital ads placed online in front of potential employees where they are browsing publisher sites.


Advertisers bid for available ad space in a matter of seconds, using automated processes to get in front of the right people at the right time.


Right People, Place, and Time


Programmatic Ads take your campaign targeting up a notch! This is because they are highly targeted, allowing your business’ message to be placed in front of the right audience at the right time. Google Display Network (GDN), allows for targeting based on keywords or demographics. With Programmatic ads, you can add an extra layer to your targeting using third-party data.


For example, on GDN you can advertise to candidates between the ages of 18-35, who’ve searched for jobs in contracting. Programmatic marketing allows you to reach specific audiences such as;

ex. young men, between the ages of 18-35, who have searched ‘contracting jobs’ in your area in the last week, and who have downloaded the ‘Handy’ app.


Programmatic Ads Increase Your Reach


The BrandBlaster program utilizes Roku’s OneView platform to increase the reach of our clients’ messaging with programmatic marketing. OneView allows us to get the most out of your budget with cross-platform reach and extensive performance and measurement.


Programmatic ads increase your reach, allow for more specific targeting, and save you time and energy! The Treehouse is here to help your business find the right people for the job.  


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