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The Treehouse Takes on TV

digital marketing agency now buys local tv spots to elevate contractors brand

Did you know Treehouse Marketing can buy TV advertisements to enrich your marketing mix? In addition to advertising on social media, CTV, display and billboards; our dealers can now broadcast their commercials on local or national television networks. Treehouse Marketing recognizes the importance of TV advertising and who better to conduct this production than the experts in advertising?  

 Three reasons to purchase your TV spots through the Treehouse:

  •  Obtaining a proven TV strategy

  • Elevating your brand in the marketing mix

  •  Improved reporting


Proven TV Strategy: Our Media Buyers are dedicated to ensuring that you’re getting the best rates, airtime and exposure as possible. Which is quite the process! They negotiate on your behalf for air time, including additional sponsorships and bonus spots from the stations, all of which play a major role in optimizing your TV budget. When they aren’t connecting with stations, they are knee-deep in research and strategy testing. This allows the team to determine what would work best for your specific services all the while considering the current trends of television. 

Elevate your Brand in the Marketing Media Mix: Strong marketers know how vital a marketing mix is for their brand. Exposing your brand to the right audience can maximize the success of your business, and TV is an important component of a well rounded mix. (Looking to find the right marketing media mix for your audience? Check out thisblog).

 In today’s marketing world, TV still brings value, especially to our targeted audiences. A healthy mix of digital advertising paired with traditional TV has the potential to come full circle for your brand. Imagine your ad following an ideal customer as they surf the web, the ad continues to pop up as they’re on Facebook, and before they know it your TV commercial is playing after the 6 oclock news! Our efforts through the BrandBlaster team, paired up with the traditional marketing knowledge of the National Marketing team ensures your brand has a seamless execution both on traditional and non-traditional screens. 


Improved Reporting: For those currently running TV - Do you find yourself taking too much time out of your day to decipher the post logs that your station’s rep sends? The tiny print and never ending pages of information can be overwhelming to say the least. 

The Treehouse recognizes the importance of accurate & efficient data, all of which has led to developing our own structure for monthly reporting. We deliver digestible TV and Airtime reports. These reports highlight the key statistics in order to determine your brands performance such as:

  • Spots Aired

  • Budget

  • Frequency

  •  Impressions

 In addition to key statistics, you’ll receive an overview snapshot of every commercial that ran for the month. Having this data at your fingertips allows you to easily monitor the performance of your TV efforts at a glance.

 Whether you are well versed with TV advertising or looking to get started – the Treehouse makes TV advertising as efficient as possible for you. Reach out to your Account Manager today and see what we can do for your TV marketing experience!


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