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The Importance of Customer Reviews

The Importance of Customer Reviews - Image 1

Before purchasing something online, you’ve probably found yourself scrolling to the reviews section to see what other people think about the product. That right there shows how important reviews are—what current customers have to say about a product or service can influence the decisions of potential customers. But there is a lot more to it, especially regarding reviews on Google My Business listings.


For starters, when your business appears on the right-hand side of Google search results, showing your Google My Business profile, you’ll want to have a starred rating and a link next to it that sends searchers to the full customer reviews. It’s a way of fulfilling and rounding out that profile that people certainly notice.  Having those gold stars to begin with is a great start.

The amount of reviews you have, as well as how high those ratings are, have an effect on your business’s visibility. Having more reviews than other businesses that utilize similar keywords, provide similar services, etc., will give yours a leg-up in search results. Your business will have the opportunity to show up before others. Acquiring more, stronger customer reviews will help you become the leader of specific keywords and phrases in searches within your service area.

Now, the big question: How do I accumulate customer reviews? There are many ways of going about it. Of course, word-of-mouth is one, but soliciting reviews will essentially be most effective when provided in writing, whether that be in any informational copy you provide to customers' handouts, paperwork, emails, or newsletters. It would also be helpful to add “Leave a Review” links on your website, and share select exceptional reviews on your social media; positive customer testimonials are content for others to see. And it goes without saying—quality service will encourage customers to go out of their way to leave glowing reviews.


The reviews are coming in. Which’s great! But you shouldn’t stop there. It is just as important to respond to reviews as it is to acquire them in the first place. Good or bad, responding to customer reviews showcases your approachability, gratitude, and overall responsiveness through an active online presence. Not only will those who left reviews appreciate your gratitude, but potential customers researching your business will see that you care about customer satisfaction, and be more inclined to choose your services.


Additionally, on your Google My Business profile, users researching your business can filter customer reviews by frequently mentioned subjects and keywords, allowing them to see what people are saying about specific products, services, and qualities of your business. These are valuable details, especially in such competitive industries. It’s important to stand out, and showcase every angle of your business. 



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