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The Treehouse Sentinel 2.0

Sentinel Program Blog Cover: Most Used Tab and resources


The Treehouse Sentinel is your one-stop-shop digital reporting tool. In our recent March webinar, now available in the business center, we covered several of the recent changes made to the Sentinel. This includes new summary sections and time-saving filters that will motivate both the beginner and the savvy digital marketer in all of us. Further than that, the Sentinel provides proactive solutions to challenges in your market. Everything from leads of a particular area or rankings for a particular service is now within reach. 


Kicking off with the MVP of all data, let’s take a look at the new Lead Summary section. 

Being chock-full of information about customers in your market, you can quickly and easily pull Year over Year (YoY) data from any day, week, or month.


 Additionally, you can 

  • break down your leads by the city in your service area 

  • Pull your billable vs. no charge leads YOY

  • Pull leads per service you offer monthly and compared YOY as well.


If the Lead Summary is the MVP, then Ranking Summary is MVT, or Most Viewed Tab, within the Sentinel. This section displays how the website is ranking on Google at any given time. With filters available to see how your website’s ranking by both service and zipcode. To see not only what you are ranking well for but also the rankings that may need more time and attention. Having access to this data allows us, as both marketers and account managers, to work towards increasing your presence and leads.


It’s important to adjust your date rate when using any filters within the Sentinel.  If no data is shown when using the filters, this could be due to too small a date range selected. Adjusting to a larger date range when compiling data, allows for a more accurate scope. Google crawls your site at random, and narrowing your scope to a 1-2 week period can be shooting yourself in the foot for SEO. 


Lastly, take a look at the Content Summary tab. This is a brand-new tab to the Sentinel. It allows you to easily track all widget content uploaded to the website, over a particular date range. This tab will give you a detailed breakdown of which widgets were uploaded, as well as the total count per widget. We know how important 3 pieces of individual content is for city pages, which can translate to organic traffic. 


Within the Content Summary tab is bonus information on your city pages. That’s right, BONUS! You can see how many city pages were turned on by the new widget content,  along with which dates they were created. Links to the city pages in reference are embedded directly into the tab. 


Our unique business model requires unique software to support it, so we are incredibly proud of the evolution of the Sentinel. But none of these updates would have been possible without the feedback from our network. Your needs and ideas keep us innovating, so keep them coming. 


For a more comprehensive overview of the Sentinel, reach out to your Account Manager.


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