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Website Testing to Advance UX (User Experience)

User Experience Testing on Websites


The way users interact with our websites is ever-changing. As technology advances and users' needs shift, an opportunity arises for us to evolve with them. That is why user testing and user research is so important in today’s digital marketing world. We run a lot of tests here in the Treehouse to ensure that our sites are always up to date with the latest trends, while also providing users with an optimal experience. The better the user’s experience on your site, the more likely they are to convert into a lead and recommend your company. Plus, websites that are up to date, engaging, and provide a good user experience (UX) are more likely to be rewarded by the Google Gods.

In order to provide the best experience possible for each user, we have to better understand their questions and their needs when interacting with your site. Then, using those insights, we can test and make improvements to your websites. There are several different ways to go about this process.

First, we conduct research. Here in the Treehouse, we utilize sites such as Hotjar and Usability Hub to run tests, these tests give us a peek into the minds of our customers. Data such as Heatmaps can display everything from how people navigate a website, to how often they’re clicking on the page and even how far down they scroll on a page. The Treehouse analyzes this data to better structure the layout of our pages. 

The data we collect then pushes us to brainstorm in an effort to solve whatever issue the data has shown.  For example, if we see that 75% of users aren’t scrolling to the bottom of the homepage, then we may recommend placing the most valuable information towards the top. Or adding in visuals, usually videos or graphics, to draw the user further down the page.

After doing research and generating ideas, it’s time to test. Running A/B Tests on our sites allows us to see how one version of a site performs against another version. We often use A/B tests when we’re working on new site designs or new features that we want to add to the site. 

Heat Map User Experience Example site testing

By testing new ideas, we’re always putting ourselves ahead of the curve and more importantly, our competition. Furthermore, it allows us to grow as marketers and grow with our customers. For this reason alone, testing will remain a vital part of the Treehouse ecosystem. Every day there is an opportunity to grow and improve for future customers in our communities, and user research and testing helps us do so.

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