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Our Digital Advertising Program, BrandBlaster, Turns Two

BrandBlaster turns 2: HBD

At 2018’s CN Live, Rick Cleri stood on the big stage and presented the audience with…...a photo of an English muffin. That toasty breakfast treat represented the target audience of the companies we love to work with, their widespread nooks and crannies spanning far and wide. As the digital marketing space is expanding and developing at a rapid rate, traditional marketing methods aren’t reaching the potential space of their target audiences as well as before. 


That’s largely in part because the average consumer has made themselves harder to find. Several years ago, we would say it was solely millennials who were cutting the cord. But in 2020, data confirmed that time in quarantine had pushed more than 1 million additional households across the US to end their relationship with traditional cable and sign up for a streaming service through CTV. Viewership was headed in this direction regardless but with life looking a little stagnant for the time being, accessible content for a reasonable cost moved up on the priority list. 


The writing was on the wall, Connected TV was gaining traction, and we were determined to provide our dealers with advertising options that allowed them to reach their desired target audiences, no matter where they try to hide. Enter stage left, BrandBlaster, one of a kind digital advertising program, allowing your brands to fill the seemingly impossible space of every nook and cranny. Essentially anywhere with a screen, BrandBlaster can appear. Platforms such as Hulu, AmazonFire, Apple TV are just the tip of the iceberg. 


We started this program by testing a handful of our Dealer’s brands, and a couple of trips around the sun later we now have over 120 Dealers enrolled and ready to get their brands blasted. Sam Ruzzano, of Quality 1st Basement Systems, expressed that, "This program is the perfect balance of lead generation and brand awareness for your company. Since we started the program back in September of 2018, we've generated over 3000 leads". 


This program started with a desire to innovate the way we offered Digital Advertising. Today, it is a full-fledged opportunity that we are able to offer our Dealers if they are interested in taking their brands to the next level. Are you ready to get blasted?


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