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Social Media: Show Off Some Personality

Social media marketing agency tips recruiting

If you aren’t familiar with social media, welcome back to planet earth. Various social platforms take up space in our everyday lives, but the megastars on which you already have a profile are most likely Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And chances are, you use these platforms to follow various brands. In fact, over 1.6 billion people around the world are connected to a small business on Facebook, according to Hubspot.

The drive to generate leads on social media realm is a song we know all too well, but let’s shift gears from the obvious revenue-generating benefits and instead look at a benefit of social that we often overlook: recruiting.

Hubspot states that around 68% of potential employees refer to your social accounts in order to get a sense for your business. In today’s world, a business is under scrutiny before a candidate even has an interview. Several key categories a new hire takes into consideration are employee appreciation, office environment, and what to expect on the day-to-day. They will be looking for positive indicators that your business is checking those boxes, via social.

Producing an authentic display of such factors can be intimidating, which is where social media comes in to save the day.  Your traditional website has a lot of responsibility, between generating leads and displaying pertinent business information. On social, you have a platform where arguably the #1 purpose is to display personality, in this case, your company personality.

For example, potential hires may check out what staff is wearing in photos to help gauge office attire. Are people rocking jeans and company t-shirts or is it more of a button-down and khaki’s situation type of place?

Think of the current skill or personality gaps in staffing you may already be facing, have you struck a balance between your doers and thinkers? Now check out your social presence, would the profile you have at this moment attract appropriate candidates for your business? If not, get posting.

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