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How Strong is Your IT Infrastructure?

Infrastructure TH Illustration

You’ve put a lot of time, brain power and even money into making sure your website runs efficiently, has everything it needs to support your customers and, of course, attract new ones. Without effective internet marketing, any new contractor business is dead in the water.

You don’t really want to have to spend continuous energy worrying about whether the site will crash or get hacked, or about losing all of the data and information you’ve collected. As a home contractor, you have other things to concern yourself with.    

Merriam-Webster defines Infrastructure as the underlying foundation or framework that supports a system or organization. 

IT (information technology) infrastructure refers to the hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation, and management of a business or organization. (Techopedia)

Take a look at our latest episode of "After Hours", Treehouse’s video series that takes you behind the scenes for a peek at how we are championing home contractor websites to generate the most leads.  

In this episode, Brand Journalist, Chelsea Farrington and Head of Software Development, Josh Lees break down 3 important ways the Treehouse has our client's back and stands head and shoulders above the Contractor Marketing industry norm when it comes to having a healthy, strong server infrastructure that supports and protects the websites we host.   

They’ll share some fun and entertaining insights into:

  1. How we manage immense amounts of server traffic
  2. The unique protections we have in place to safeguard websites against things like getting hacked and crashing sites
  3. How we’ve protected ourselves and our clients against lost data

To quote Josh, “We’ve gone from utilizing 1 server to 100 servers in just 8 years. We’re prepared for a disaster but, if the worst does come, chances are that our servers will fix the problem before your site even notices.”

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Brigette Benson-Muller
SEO Strategist
Brigette is a brutal distiller of thought and a seasoned connector of dots. If there is a trend, she will find it. Born and bred in Sunny South Africa, she comes with nearly 20 years of Marketing, Product, and Advertising experience, and is always excited to bring a mix of strategic directional and methodical implementation to new challenges. She is an ocean loving, backpack travelling gypsy at heart, with a passion for Global Developments, Technology, and any 4 legged companions. She also enjoys sarcastic humor, a gripping TV series and sunsets.

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