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Contractor Marketing - Following Your Customers, even on TV



With a new decade comes much discussion about what lies ahead. There’s a lot of focus around dissecting the big marketing trends and, of course, here at the Treehouse Internet Group we’re most interested in the ones that affect contractors. Since Contractor Marketing and SEO is our specialty, it is important for us to find new ways of reaching homeowners for our contractor clients.

One big focus for us this year is the idea of following the customer and tailoring your marketing to them. With our very own digital advertising program, called BrandBlaster, we use programmatic advertising to target homeowners wherever they are, regardless of which platform they’re using. 

Connected TV is one component of this. As streaming becomes increasingly popular and more people choose to cut the cord, the number of houses with TVs connected to the internet are growing, too. The Treehouse is successfully able to target and advertise your brand to homeowners, as they recline on their sofa, in the comfort of their own home.

In our latest Tech Trends video, Jenna Masotta, Manager of Account Services, says “the Treehouse is dominating this space for our clients now and we have no plans of stopping.”

Click here to watch the discussion on following your customers from :56 to 1:40

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Brigette is a brutal distiller of thought and a seasoned connector of dots. If there is a trend, she will find it. Born and bred in Sunny South Africa, she comes with nearly 20 years of Marketing, Product, and Advertising experience, and is always excited to bring a mix of strategic directional and methodical implementation to new challenges. She is an ocean loving, backpack travelling gypsy at heart, with a passion for Global Developments, Technology, and any 4 legged companions. She also enjoys sarcastic humor, a gripping TV series and sunsets.

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