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Video and Storytelling in Contractor Marketing

Storytelling TH illustration


As we continue to look at the big marketing trends for 2020, Video is definitely one to pay attention to.  Marketing giant, Hubspot, points out that, while it’s not a new strategy, if you aren’t creating video you’re falling behind. 

So how should you, as contractors, capitalize on it?  In our special "2020 Trends" episode of Tech Trends, Jenna Masotta, Manager of Account Services, recommends focusing on storytelling as a way to begin. "It helps you establish your brand and connect with your audience, and it’s easy for your customers to consume."

Social media is a great place for video and/or storytelling. As a contractor, you should be creating stories about the projects you’re working on every day and posting it across all platforms.  Instagram is a great example of this. It makes it super easy to post video snippets and, even better, they make it easy to make them interactive.

Click below to watch Jenna Masotta and Chelsea Farrington, Brand Journalist, discuss this and other important marketing trends for 2020.


Click here and watch the discussion from 1:40 to 2:27

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