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The Treehouse works with water treatment specialists

Water Rite

The Treehouse was born from serving basement waterproofers by connecting them with homeowners struggling with wet basements. So, it was a natural step to extend our digital expertise to the Water-Right Group, a manufacturer with its own network of dealers that have seen its fair share of basements, but who are there to supply clean water to millions of homes.

Water is the very lifeblood of the human population and the natural ecosystem at large, so to be able to play a role in assisting a company such as Water-Right to be able to ramp up and reach more people with clean water options, is an honor.

The Treehouse delivered the group two sites, and for their branded product lines, as well as a white labeled business center and portal to assist them in providing their own dealer network the advanced resources they deserved. These tools will help grow the Water-Right network so it can reach more homes and provide even more people with clean drinking water options.

At the Treehouse, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to play their part in the sustainability of the environment and resources for the good health of mankind.

This was our first step at contributing, but not the last.

“Like many of our customers that we serve here at the Treehouse, Water-Right is also a family run business”, explains Olivia Czaplinski, Digital Account Manager who recently visited their facilities along with Greg Davis, Senior Digital Account Manager. “I was very excited to learn and see the science behind water, and all the great work that they are doing, ensuring millions of people have clean water to drink.”

Melanie Jayjack, Marketing Manager at Water-Right, also shared her excitement, “We often spend years investing time in educating outside agencies about our business so we can fully rely on them to support us as a partner. With the Treehouse, it was like half of that training was already done because the world they know is almost identical to how we have built our dealer channel. The only difference being that they were talking about waterproofing and we were talking water treatment. It’s been refreshing and exciting to be able to hit the ground running with Olivia and the team and accomplish so much so quickly, and we have no plans on stopping! Their support gives us the opportunity to pursue our mission better than ever before.”

The Treehouse remains dedicated to using our technology and expertise to assist Water-Right in their endeavor to deliver clean water to the taps of millions of people.

Now, what does all this mean for our basement waterproofing network that we at the Treehouse so proudly serve? Well, since you and Water-Right are both trying to reach and help homeowners with their water challenges, perhaps a mutually beneficial relationship is in the cards.

To learn more about Water-Right, please visit their website at

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