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3 Reasons Why Brand Awareness is Important to Your Contractor Company Success

Brand Awareness

When we want to look something up on the internet, we often say we’re going to “Google it” regardless of which search engine we use. Or, when people see a circle with two smaller ones sitting on top, even if it’s in a random place like a carpet design, it’s common to think of Mickey Mouse or Disney.

This is called brand awareness and it denotes how recognizable and memorable your brand is to your target audience. Whether it’s a verbal association (like the Google example), or a visual association (Disney example), you want your contracting company to be top of mind when potential customers have an issue that you can help them with. Brand awareness campaigns are the way to accomplish that.

While many digital marketing campaigns are designed to assist in the increase of conversion rates, we know that sharing some of that focus on simply increasing brand awareness is incredibly valuable for a business’s success. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Change Strangers to Prospects 

One way that brand awareness brings value is that it makes your company recognizable.  It shifts homeowners from being complete strangers, to becoming prospects.  This means that they have moved along in their customer journey, warming up to you, with a greater propensity to buy from you.  Check out this video on the marketing flywheel, where we explain exactly where the customer journey begins and ends. 

2. Build Trust With Prospective Customers

Back in the day, there was a sense of discomfort on outbound advertising, as there wasn’t an easy way to track success when measuring reach.  But today, with the advance of technology, we have impressions  (how many people see your advertisement) as a metric now, as well as click through rates (how many people interact with your ad). We’re seeing very significant benefits and it should be taken advantage of.

A second big reason that brand awareness is so important is that it helps you establish trust with those that don’t know you yet. Of course, this doesn’t happen automatically after seeing your name or logo once or twice. According to Neil Patel, prolific digital marketing entrepreneur, it takes on average 5-7 brand impressions before someone remembers you. Continued impressions allow them to become comfortable with your brand and the story it tells.

The Treehouse ran a case study using BrandBlaster, our own dynamic digital advertising and brand awareness program, designed to get your company’s contractor brand in front of your customers, wherever they are. The results were astounding in terms of website visitors, where the number of visitors in various categories basically doubled! You can see the details of that case study here  from the 2m30s mark to 8m45s.

3. Generate Free Leads

In the case study above, there was even an increase in leads, even though that’s not usually the direct focus of brand awareness campaigns.  That brings us to another exciting outcome of the case study, something we call the “traffic effect”, which was undeniable. The campaign caused a huge increase in actual brand searches, which is when a person searches for your company name directly.

This is a clear indication that people are remembering your company name which is, of course, the essence of brand awareness. Think about it, they remembered you, and went to you directly, bypassing all platforms that carry a cost, which in effect, is a free lead. Who doesn’t want free leads?

Ultimately, when all is said and done, brand awareness marketing is impactful. It drives traffic and, as a result, it drives leads. 

If you wish to learn more about the contractor marketing services that the Treehouse runs, click here.


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