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3 Reasons to Include Video in Your 2020 Contractor Marketing Efforts

Th video illustration

Are you leveraging online video content in your marketing efforts? If not, next year is a good time to start. Have you ever heard the term “content is king”? Well, we’ll go a bit further and state that since the mobile revolution, video is arguably the queen of all content.

1. Video is the preferred content format in 2020

Think about this. On a small mobile device screen, how would you prefer to learn about a product or service? By watching a 3-minute video, or by scrambling for your reading glasses and scrolling through webpages reading text?

Well, lucky for us all, customers have already answered that question: 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through video. Below are some additional interesting stats to help make the case for incorporating video in your marketing next year.

2020 Online Video Trends Infographic

So in 2020, if you have something you want to communicate to your customers, or, more importantly want them to pay attention to and possibly share with friends, don’t say it, show them with video!

2. Video helps conversion and closing sales

In our industry (home improvement), we know for a fact that customers do a lot of research online before they call or fill out a lead form. They research solutions for the problems they’re having. They research the company.

One of the greatest advantages of video is that it helps you get more leads and close more sales. Videos are known to boost conversions by instilling a sense of trust in homeowners and by answering their questions. Video can help you establish authority in your field and in your service area. You can use videos to introduce your company and explain the services and solutions you offer.

What about using video to introduce your sales staff? It’s a great way to diminish sales resistance. Think about the last time you opened your door to a stranger and let them in your home. Not such a great feeling, huh? Our dealers often get testimonials from their customers mentioning these video introductions and how comfortable they feel knowing more about the person who is about to inspect their home.

If your customers are still unsure, a video testimonial can encourage them to take the leap. In other words, you can use video to meet your customers in just about every stage of their buying journey. How awesome is that?

Let’s shift gears for a moment. What about online video advertising? Video ads convert at much higher rates and are very effective at promoting brand awareness to help you become a household name in your service area!

And what about better conversion from your PPC and all other advertising? According to Eyewide Digital, having a video on your landing pages can increase conversion by up to a whopping 80%!

3. Video ranks, on YouTube & Google Searches

What’s better than having a video on the search results page exactly when your customers are searching for your services? It can be done with proper SEO, to increase your video rankings on both YouTube and Google searches for highly relevant terms. Voila!

Video in Google search results

Image: Screenshot of two of our crawl space insulation videos ranking in Google Search Results. 


YouTube Video Search Results

Image: Screenshot of YouTube Video Search Results with one of our crawl space insulation videos. 

At this point you might be wondering, what is the right content to get my business to this great position on the search results page? Quite simply, the right content is that which your customer finds helpful. It is content that helps them understand their problems and answers their questions.

Across our contractor network, the most popular, high ranking videos over the past 10 years are “On the Job” and “Ask the Expert” videos.

The best part is that you don’t need high-end equipment to make a quality video. You or anyone on your team can capture quality footage with a cell phone. We will share some great secrets on affordable video equipment options in an upcoming blog post.

In the next post in this series we’ll discuss different types of video content, video content topics, as well as when and how to choose and deploy each type. So, please stay tuned!

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