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The Powerful Engine That Drives the Treehouse

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Picture yourself, climbing into your car with your family. Everyone is excited, snacks are packed. You are going to take that road trip that has been on your bucket list for as long as you remember. Everyone gets buckled in, the music for the journey is selected and you pull out of your driveway. The excitement is starting to climb, snacks are being shared and you turn out onto the open road, pressing down on the accelerator, now sitting back and speeding up into the long-awaited journey to your much-anticipated holiday destination.

And then you hear a disconcerting sound coming from the engine, something does not seem right. The car begins to stall, and you are forced to pull over to the side of the road. There is steam coming from the hood and the engine seizes, causing the car to cut out. You are stuck, on the side of a busy highway, your family is starting to complain mercilessly, and all you can concern yourself with in that moment (aside from the delay in the start of the much needed vacation) is about the safety of your stranded family. The engine has failed you.

What you had expected was that you had a strong, high performing, durable and reliable engine in your vehicle. A workhorse. The toughest, most enduring, that can ensure that you and your family are carried from point A to point B safely each time, no exceptions. One that must perform at its best, always. It is completely unacceptable for this to break down at any given moment, ever. When on a journey you expect for the engine to be on, always, on. Always performing at its maximum, all cylinders firing, all the time.

Now, this is the type of engine that powers the Treehouse and all the websites that we host. These high performing sites that are always updating in real time, generating leads, constantly working, earning. And the machine that drives this, this engine, is the exceptional technology built and maintained by the Treehouse’s in-house esteemed Software team, led by Josh Lees, Director of Software Development, that can manage moving at constant high speeds, towing heavy loads, all the time.

As per Josh, “We pride ourselves on our ability to create and maintain the super-resilient software that powers all of our dealers' websites.”

Josh continues to explain the sheer volume of work the Treehouse engine carries out, “On average, the Treehouse servers respond to 100,000 page views an hour, and each page takes approximately 10 database queries to generate. That means the Treehouse runs 1 million database queries per hour! If you think about it, that's 2.4 million page views and 24 million queries per day, which turns into 72 million page views and 720 million queries per month. In fact, in the few seconds you took to think about the sheer size of these numbers, the Treehouse servers already responded to at least 83 page views and ran 833 database queries!” he explains.

Now don’t forget, all of this is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you go home for the evening, have dinner with your family and tuck in for the night, the systems keep running. There is no down time permitted, breaking down and having the engine stall is completely unacceptable. The team works mercilessly to ensure the system is always running optimally, full blast on all cylinders. The Treehouse takes the strength and endurance of our dealer websites very seriously because, we all know, that a fast and reliable website is critical to the successful performance of a contracting business, and the Treehouse Internet Group always delivers.

About the author

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Brigette Benson-Muller
SEO Strategist
Brigette is a brutal distiller of thought and a seasoned connector of dots. If there is a trend, she will find it. Born and bred in Sunny South Africa, she comes with nearly 20 years of Marketing, Product, and Advertising experience, and is always excited to bring a mix of strategic directional and methodical implementation to new challenges. She is an ocean loving, backpack travelling gypsy at heart, with a passion for Global Developments, Technology, and any 4 legged companions. She also enjoys sarcastic humor, a gripping TV series and sunsets.

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