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What Yelp Means When They Say 'No Solicitation'

Yelp Reviews Illustration

 Many of you have been asking about Yelp’s stance since they announced last fall that they would be monitoring companies that actively ask customers to review them on Yelp’s platform. While soliciting for Yelp review in any capacity is not prohibited, it begs the question, "how will they know?" Yelp has not that made that clear, but here's what they have said.

What Yelp Means When They Say \'No Solicitation\' - Image 1

Here’s what Yelp is saying:

  • Don’t ask customers, staff, friends, relatives, etc, to review your business - let it happen naturally.
  • They will police this.
  • They’ll send you a pre-emptive email to the Yelp account email (usually to your account email).
  • If you get an email, you have 90 days to comply.
  • If you do not comply, your Yelp profile may drop in importance on Yelp.

What This Means for You:

  • It’s an opportunity for your teams to provide review-inspiring customer service.
  • Yelp means business but will send you a warning shot.
  • The Treehouse has had Yelp off of our Crew Review & Quick Survey pages for some time already.
  • Yelp has given us all fair warning.

Google has also made similar warnings but has not (yet) seemed to be policing this as hard as Yelp. Tip: be sure to not blatantly offer gifts in exchange for reviews on Google My Business.

The Treehouse will keep a watch out and let you know of any further updates. See below to read Yelp's direct policy. Contact your Account Manager with any questions!

    What Yelp Means When They Say \'No Solicitation\' - Image 2

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