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Programming Updates 2017

Programming updates

Programming Team Updates

The Programming team has been hard at work, and there are a lot of updates to report!

  • They have been working on migrating some of our resources to newer, better servers.
  • They are also in the process of making it so that flat-fee dealers no longer have to have their phone calls processed by the Leads Processing Team.
  • Brand new lead notification emails are in the works for our dealers.
  • Pods will soon show up in TBS for the dealers to see.

Some of the site speed improvements that are being worked on include:

  • CMS files are going to be compressed on upload.
  • CMS templates and pages will be served as minified to the browser.
  • Google Page Speed is going to be tracked across our sites and our sites' competitors.

We now have a new Asset Geo Lookup Tool

  • It will tell you what the content is, its current location (per dealer/uploader), show where it's currently tied to and, after a fresh scrape, where the asset will live.
  • If you want an asset to change or to update the location, you will have to modify the asset (even if all you do is save it without making any changes), and then wait for the geo scraper (Fresh Scrape) to run.

An Update from the Programmers

The team has completed an update to the Photo Gallery Feature - City Pages:

  • We have added a new feature! When you add an album in the Photo Gallery widget, you will now find an option to show or hide it from the corresponding city pages.
  • City pages are best utilized when rich content from local jobs is on display. If you have a photo gallery, perhaps of an office party or work event, that you don't want to showcase on a city page, simply select "No" when asked if you'd like for it to show. Please note that if you select "No" to show it on a city page, it will still appear on your Photo Gallery page.
  • Moving forward, we will be able to utilize this new feature and review our sites to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Programming Updates - Image 1

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