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CN Live 2017 Announcements You Missed

Fish On (CN Live Announcements)

Performance Updates

As most of you are probably aware, our Marketing Assistants are now taking one of two paths: Account Executive or Marketing Assistant. Account Executives are developing skills and taking on work that is heading in an Account Management direction, while Marketing Assistants are developing skills and taking on work that is heading in a Performance direction.

Q&A Widget

At Convention, we announced an exciting new widget! The Q&A Widget will help our dealers take advantage of the rapid rise of voice search by pulling customers' exact questions from multiple data sources and allowing the dealer to answer.

A Q&A page will livebuild on the dealer's website as they answer questions. Each time a new question is answered through the widget, that question and the response will immediately show up on the Q&A page for the customers to see. Over time, the Q&As could be embedded on sites' specific service pages and could even show up in Google's Answer Box.

Social Media Playbook

Jon Taylor wrote a "Social Media Playbook" and spoke about it at Convention. For those who missed it, check out the snippet below:

"Learn about how Facebook can help your business grow, find new customers, and explore the customers you currently have in chapter one of our Social Media Playbook. Featuring five plays for Facebook to help guide your strategy, this playbook is essential reading for businesses just starting out on social media and those looking for new avenues of expansion in this ever-growing and changing universe. As Facebook ebbs and flows, so will we, with proactive researching and testing to define effective practices for your business. Stay tuned for more social media findings from Treehouse Internet Group!"


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