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Yext Visits The Treehouse!

Yext visits the TH

Earlier this month, the Treehouse’s new account managers at Yext, Alex and Andy, traveled from the Big Apple to visit us. They wanted to see our facilities to understand the full scale of our business, and boy, were they blown away! Andy said he was shocked by the size of our headquarters (and a bit jealous).

So, what is Yext anyways?

Yext is a platform that allows you to manage all your business information in one place and sync that information to over 70 credible listings, which you can instantly update within the platform. This helps boost a brand’s presence on the web, in turn increasing traffic to the site.

The local team here in the Treehouse works directly with Andy to make sure that our Yext account is running smoothly and that all our dealer’s information is populating correctly to the world wide web! Andy and Alex’s primary reason for visiting us was to meet the local team in person,  present some new features in the Yext platform, and ensure that we're taking advantage of all the features Yext has to offer.Yext Visits The Treehouse - Image 1

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