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Performance Capstone Project

TH capstone project

The Performance team recently welcomed Jonathan Taylor, who is joining us as our Social Media Manager. In other good news, Jon Custardo has been promoted to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager!

UConn capstone project

The Treehouse has established a long-term relationship with the UConn School of Business. Our Treehouse Digital Data Analyst Jenny Hiu Liu graduated from the UConn School of Business in 2015 with a Masters in Business Analytics & Project Management, and she has provided a valuable connection for us.

Our dealers have 10+ years of digital lead data, and several have agreed to participate in the capstone project. The data used in the capstone project is anonymized, so as to verify accurate results within the project. The goals of this project are to:

  1.  Investigate the relevant internal and external factors that affect the business.
  2. Help identify potential customers who are most likely to be Basement Systems customers through data mining on digital marketing leads data and dealers’ CRM platforms.

As this relationship evolves, we will continue to be able to leverage our relationship with UConn to better understand our data.

Parameter robots.txt files

Developer Jon Strumpf has created a section in the CMS to upload manual robots.txt files, which will help Performance efforts. He has also created a standard parameter robots.txt file for all sites that do not have one. This helps search engines by removing duplicate or irrelevant content from SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), which will help rankings.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the parameters, ask your Performance Manager!

Office hours vs. 24/7 emergency service

In the past, many of our clients’ websites have had specific office hours listed while also claiming to have 24/7 emergency services. The site and local listings can confuse search engines by having these two sets of hours. Talk to Performance Project Manager Rachael O’Brien to discuss how to clean that up and keep web consistency.

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