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Google's New Schema Guidelines

Google new Schema

Schema Comes to an End...but Probably not for Long

We have made many edits to accommodate Google's Schema guidelines. It has been a rather mystical journey, never knowing what will pop up next. I just wanted to outline everything we have done that will hopefully help us to enchant our sites:

Rachael Knows Her Stuff!

Just recently, Rachael had Programming work on an hrelang (language) tag for our companies that have a site in English as well as another language. Christian helped her implement this and it is output successfully on these two sites:

It will also automatically be on new sites we bring into our program that have sites in two different languages.

Local Alert!

The Local Team is cleaning up our internal Link Building Directory that has almost 6,000 entries. They are also teaming up with the Account Managers to clean up our dealers' local listings, specifically Google My Business, Yelp, BBB, and Bing.

Emily & The Sentinel

Emily is creating an intricate wireframe, outlining the entire portion of the Local/Linkbuilding module for The Sentinel. Good luck, Emily! We know it's a lot of data!!

Get Paid Remix ft. Meshack...dang I left Greg & John out (edit)

Meshack and Greg built this awesome Landing Page for PPC only. John Siwicki created and designed the Landing Page, Meshack set up the PPC Campaign to go with it and Greg wrote all of the content. Here is a link to the content: and here is a link to the Landing Page: Meshack is monitoring the conversion rate and will let us know if  it is a success, which why wouldn't it be?! Cheers, guys!


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