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SEMNE @ The Treehouse Internet Group


SEMNE Guest Speakers TH Ill

On March 9th, the Treehouse Internet group office hosted Search Engine Marketing New England's special event: Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing. This fantastic event brought together digital marketers from across the New England region to learn about the constantly evolving world of search in a relaxed atmosphere with food and drinks.

Internet Marketing Director at the Treehouse Internet Group Richard Fencil and Jonathan Hochman of Hochman Consultants kicked off the evening with a brief introduction, then opened the floor to the guest presenters for the evening.

The first presentation, The Changing Landscape of Search, featured local search expert Gregg Stewart. Gregg gave insight into the many factors behind rankings in local search as well as a sneak peak of what's to come with voice search on the horizon. He brought two friends with him – Amazon's Alexa and Google Home – to better demonstrate the idiosyncrasies of voice search in today's world.

Treehouse veteran Rick Cleri was the evening's second presenter, serving up a fascinating look into the mind of an internet browser. He provided relevant research examples from his decades of working in local search with home service companies in his presentation titled Conversion – It's Not as Complicated as We Make It.

SEOs, SEMs, programmers, content writers, account managers - all attendees walked away with a fresh look at the industry and renewed enthusiasm for the digital realm!

Treehousers at SEMNE Event Refreshments at SEMNE Event The Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing Rick Cleri Presents at SEMNE Event

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