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Google Recognizes the Treehouse

Google recognizes the TH

Google recently featured the Treehouse in an article for their Economic Impact report! The article includes a brief conversation with Richard Fencil, our Internet Marketing Director here at Treehouse, and Todd Hugo, our Performance Director. It also describes our unique and creative workspace and acknowledges our reputation as “the fastest-growing digital agency in Connecticut.”

AdWords, Google’s advertising program, has played a significant role in our business generation and produces about 40 percent of our sales leads. Since we operate under a performance-based business model, meaning that we only benefit when our home improvement contractors benefit, these marketing tools are invaluable! Some other ways in which we use Google to generate business and help our clients grow include Google Analytics, a web performance tracker, and Google My Business, a business listing tool for our contractors.

As a Google Certified Partner, we have built a great relationship with Google over the years and are proud to see our efforts being recognized!

To find out more about the Treehouse’s partnership with Google, check out the full article here.

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