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Russ Terry Motivates the Treehouse Team Members

Russ motivates the TH

Russ Terry has been a Life Coach since March of 2012, along with a multitude of other certifications and skills. His varietal background dealing with Human Resources and even Sports Anchoring while fitting in sufficient time with family, friends and volunteer work has led him to be a well-rounded Life Coach. He is very successful in helping people live well-balanced, happy lives while helping them achieve personal and business-related goals.

Russ Terry

Russ Terry presenting about communication!

Terry visited the Treehouse on March 4, and provided a full presentation on how to better communicate within the office. He discussed various techniques to help improve communication with coworkers while also discussing positive tips for personal and business-related growth and improvement.

Everyone was encouraged to break off into groups at one point in the presentation to formulate ideas on how to implement the proper forms of communication throughout the department. This was a very successful exercise that helped everyone clearly understand how each and every one of us prefers to be communicated with. There are different mediums in which to converse in the office - they are in person and email and within those categories, there are sub categories dependent on tone and delivery. Russ Terry was able to explain all of these elements in depth and helped us work out the best methods to approach each other based on what we provided him with through open discussion after working in our groups.

Russ Terry Life Coach

The Treehouse learned a lot of valuable communication skills and key tricks for growth & improvement in the workplace.

The Treehouse was able to incorporate everything Terry presented into our everyday work lives. Since his visit, we have been more conscious of how we each like to be communicated with and we have been better about approaching projects, meetings, and discussions with those facts in mind. Also, the group work blossomed a bunch of great ideas on things we can further improve on and some methods and systems we would like to try moving forward. Forcing us to work together in this way has only impacted our department positively.

"Life Coaching helps people accomplish their goals, reach their full potential, and live a more robust, healthy life filled with family, friends, outside activities – and career satisfaction. As a result of our work together, you’ll accomplish things you’ve long been meaning to do, or never even thought possible. You’ll have more confidence in your abilities and in taking a chance." -Russ Terry


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