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One of CT's Coolest Office Spaces

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As you can see based on the multiple photos scattered throughout our website, the Treehouse is no ordinary place to work. It all stemmed from a vision Larry, the owner, had after visiting one of his son's classrooms at Taft School. The concept was focused around different levels, stacking desks on top of one another to utilize space in a unique way. Larry panned out a small town, including a tiny church and full treefort with wooden ladders and tree stumps and even branches with fake leaves.

Greenwich Time named the Treehouse one of "the coolest office spaces in Connecticut," paying homage to the strange array of tree branches and unorthodox desk spaces. The Treehouse truly captures the essence of a coal mine, compiled of tiny houses, a little church, a water tower and of course...a mine tunnel. There is also dozens of little trinkets scattered about to bring the building to life, such as fake birds, logs, faux flowers and a beehive if you look carefully.

Here is a look at the article featured on the Greenwich Time.

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