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The Treehouse Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge TH Blog

Here at Treehouse Internet Group, we are lucky enough to work in a unique and unconventional office environment with so many beautiful details and fun themes. Showcasing this amazing workplace and the talented people who work here is exactly what Rachael O'Brien had in mind when she decided to film our very own company-wide mannequin challenge video!

Rachael has always enjoyed making videos as a hobby in her spare time, and was inspired by the mannequin challenge while it was trending on social media: "I figured we have such a cool building that a video like this could really show it off." She spoke with some coworkers on our Eye-Star video team, who agreed that this would be a great way to send out a "Happy Holiday" video.

After creating a storyboard for the video's scenes, complete with names and poses, it was time to start filming. Rachael worked closely with Ted Waldron as her co-director, and then edited the effects on Adobe Premier along with Pierce Kuchle.

Watch the fantastic results above, and get an inside look at one of CT's coolest office spaces!

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